International Motorcycle Insurance

International Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle meant for one or two people to ride. Typically, it is driven by an internal combustion engine, but electric motorcycles are also available. Motorcycles are renowned for their speed, agility, and freedom afforded to riders. They come in a variety of designs, including sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, and off-road motorcycles, each of which is made for a different purpose and accommodates a different way of riding. A popular mode of transportation is the motorcycle.

What is international motercycle insurance?

When you travel or operate a motorcycle outside of your home country, international motorcycle insurance protects your motorcycle. It is meant to cover losses if your motorcycle is stolen, damaged, or you get into an accident while traveling abroad.

Liability coverage, which helps pay for injuries or damages to others in the event of an accident, and comprehensive and collision coverage for your motorcycle are typically included in this kind of insurance. Because the specific coverage and restrictions of your international motorcycle insurance policy may vary from country to country and insurer to insurer, it is essential to inquire about these details with your insurance provider.

Safeguard Your Bicycle Around the world

Lean toward two wheels? We’ll handle it! As expats, we are aware of the unique challenges associated with traveling internationally. Two wheels are sometimes preferable to four. In order to safeguard you, we developed international physical damage insurance for your motorcycle.

Accessory coverage included fast and simple claims processing. Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

01.Comprehensive Coverage Protection against Collision, Theft, and Damage

  1. Forgiveness After an Accident Your rate remains the same after your first accident.
  2. Reimbursement for Towing and Labor Up to $100 USD per disablement and $300 USD per policy term.

04.Transit Coverage: Available only to government clients, this coverage covers all risks from departure to arrival.

05.Home Country Rental Car Insurance When renting a car in the United States, Canada, or your home country, all vehicle policies that include physical damage coverage will pay for rental car insurance for up to 21 days per policy period at a rate of $12 per day. This does not have to occur simultaneously.

Options for Coverage Extension 01. Political Violence Coverage Extension Clements’ exclusive Political Violence insurance extension covers damage to your motorcycle caused by riots, strikes, terrorism, and other perils.

Chart of Policy Coverage Policy Deductible: Coverage for Political Violence: $100 (Selected Policies), $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500, and $2,500 Security against riots, strikes, terrorist acts, sabotage, malicious damage, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, war, and/or civil war is covered by the policy. Rental reimbursement:

$30/day; Maximum reimbursement for 10 days of home country rental insurance: $12/day; Maximum of 21 days Towing and labor: Available in your home country, including the United States and Canada Medical Benefits:

$100 per disability, $300 per policy period $2,000 for each person in your vehicle who dies or is dismembered in an accident: $15,000 per individual; $45,000 per accident for transportation:

From departure to arrival, all-risk (only available to government workers) Territory Exclusions: The vehicle is not covered if it is in Canada, Iran, North Korea, or the country where the insured lives (for more information, refer to the policy documents).

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